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Weekend Warrior

"a person who participates in a physically strenuous activity on weekends, or part-time. Basically, most of us"

Our mission is to help all you weekend warriors reach your ultimate athletic goals by being fully aware that you also have family, work and life commitments

The Weekend Warriors team is here to support you in achieving your ultimate athletic goals, whether it be a 5 km run, or a 160km ride, without compromising your time and focus on real life commitments, such as family, or work.

Our coaching philosophy is to give you the knowledge and the tools through a holistic manner, so you can eventually coach yourself.


We want to get to know you, to keep things as simple as possible and make your goals more attainable 

We use a structured yet fun approach, to make sure we coach, the way you want to be coached.


Training Plans

Both our 1 on 1 coaching services, and our custom training plans are designed in Training Peaks

We cater for running, cycling, strength & conditioning, proper recovery and mobility

Image: Training Peaks

Recipe Library

Our nutrition package gives you access to tailored nutrition for an event, body re-composition.


You also get access to a full athlete recipe library! 

Educational Blog

Weekly product reviews, the latest sport science, athlete interviews and our clients most valuable experiences  

Exclusive Discounts

Discounts for sports massage, physiotherapy, bike fitting, orthotics, super foods, products , kit and more!



The team

Adam Parker

Head Coach

Adam developed an interest in health & fitness during his late teens, and has since gained over 14 years experience in all things performance, nutrition and competition...

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Emma Marks

Running Coach

Emma is a UKA Qualified Running Coach and Fitness Instructor at Run Macclesfield. Emma coaches runners on a 1 to 1 basis helping with individual goals, be it running for fitness or to compete in events

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Dale Majer


Dale graduated from the University of Huddersfield with a BSc Hons Physiotherapy degree. and has since worked in public and private Musculoskeletal clinics. He has gained experience working in professional sport with elite and academy level athletes...

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